Study shows children with autism have trouble sleeping

For parents with children who have Autism, and ASD it won’t come as a surprise that a recent study conducted by the Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York has shown that the majority of children with a diagnosis have trouble sleeping. Insomnia is a problem in all age groups from very young babies, to adolescents, […]

Scott Evan Davis makes musical theatre with and for autistic children.

  Scott Evan Davis is a New York based composer and lyricist. Two years ago he was hired by Arts Connection, whose mission statement is, ‘To make the arts an essential part of education, we connect artists with children, families and schools in creative partnerships for teaching and learning.’ The school concerned was Spectrum School, […]

Behavioral Therapy for Sleep Issues in Autism

As many bleary-eyed, exhausted parents will tell you, children with autism often have sleep issues. These can include difficulty falling asleep, night waking, short sleep duration, and early morning waking. Sleep difficulties affect the entire family, as parents and siblings are often awakened by the child’s nocturnal activities. Chronic lack of sleep affects many aspects […]

The Conversation of Neurodiversity and Autism

Cornell University in New York recently posted an article that addressed the concerns related to the autistic population on campus. College students with autism have difficulties that set them apart from other students. The classroom environment can cause disruptions to their goals of learning and making friends. If a person with autism is not advanced […]

Daryl Hannah talks candidly about Autism struggles

The beautiful 52 year old American Actress Daryl Hannah has recently shared with the media her struggle with ASD which caused her to take a step back from acting and the Hollywood lifestyle. (Revised Oct 1, 2013) The star of many eighties movies like Splash, Blade Runner and Wall Street was diagnosed in the late […]

Martial Arts Kicks Butt at Developing Kids with Autism

Kids with autism may have been excluded from participating in rigorous and intense sports, but martial arts is not one of these sports. Studies have proven and parents have reported the developmental progress of their autistic children due to martial arts training. Not only do motor skills and coordination improve, but also communication skills and […]

Leo’s Childcare ‘aims to be the first non-profit childcare nursery in Yorkshire for children with autism’.

The lady behind the initiative is Allison Cuthbertson who set off on the journey of working with children with special educational needs over twenty years ago. Talking exclusively to Autism Daily Newscast, Allison explains, “I was lucky enough to be a stay at home mum when my children were little, but when they both were […]

Helping Individuals with Autism Communicate Using Sign Language

This is the first in a series about using sign language to  help individuals with autism communicate functionally. A characteristic feature of an autism diagnosis is impaired functional communication. Children with autism often develop language later and some do not develop language at all. Of those who do begin using verbal language, many fail to […]

Yawning not contagious for children with autism

A Japanese study published by Autism Research and Treatment and explored in Scientific American this month looks closely at science of a simple yawn, and it’s contagion. Yawning is contagious, and can be caused by tiredness, stress, and watching other people yawning a phenomenon known as social yawning. Autistic children, however are immune to this contagion. […]

Tom Nasmyth-Shaw hopes to raise £3000 to support families with young children who are on the autistic spectrum.

Tom, 29 from South Wales, UK, plans to ‘sleep on the streets for a week’ in London, to raise money for famines with autistic children. He wants to highlight the need and importance of early intervention therapies for young children on the autistic spectrum. Tom, who is a manager in the adult social care sector, […]