New film provides insight into life of a mother who killed autistic son

A mother, charged with murdering her 14 year old son is the subject of a new documentary film to be shown by the Autism Media Channel in America. The Chicago mother, Dorothy Spourdalakis was found guilty and charged to be held without bond along side caretaker Jolanta Agata Skordzka, for the murder of Alex Spourdalakis in June […]

Ontario people rally together in support of hate letter teen

The people of Durham, Ontario are rallying together, quite literally, in support of the family of the Autistic teen who received a hate letter on August 16. As Autism Daily Newscast reported on August 21 that the letter received by Brenda Milson, grandmother of 13 year old Max Begley at her home in Newcastle, was […]

Ontario Autism letter – not a hate crime, say Police

Durham Regional Police, Ontario, after consulting the Crown officials announce that a hateful letter, telling a family to ‘euthanize’ their  Autistic teen is not a Hate Crime. Autism Daily Newscast reported yesterday that a letter sent to a  grandmother, Brenda Milson’s home in Newcastle, Ontario about 100 km east of Toronto. The letter as shown in our earlier […]

Autistic teen targeted by malicious hate letter

An Canadian family is shocked by a hateful letter sent to their Autistic teenager. The response throughout North America and the rest of the world shows support as the story goes viral across Twitter and Facebook. The letter, sent to the  family by an anonymous neighbour calling herself  “one pissed off mother”, is a vitriolic […]

Latest Autism Research: August 17 2013 Week in Review

Link found between 5 major psychiatric disorders Kenneth Kendler, M.D, and his team have found substantial overlap between the congenital risk factors producing 5 of the most common psychiatric disorders, namely, depression, autism, ADHD, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. The study published in Nature Genetics’ Advance Online journal builds on other research published earlier in The […]

The Fear of a lost child: Wandering, Drowning, and Autism a growing concern

Drowning as a consequence of wandering has long been a challenge to families whose kids are diagnosed with autism. Back in 2009 to 2011, statistics show that 91 percent of autistic children aged 14 and below who wandered have consequently drowned. The fear brought about by this problem was further heightened when the body of […]

Service Dogs Help the Entire Family of an Autistic Child – Part 2

Anthony Kuznia, an 11 year old autistic went missing last Wednesday in East Grand Forks Michigan. Just over a day later, his body was retrieved about a half a mile from his home. Although there were no obvious signs of trauma, an autopsy will be preformed. Anthony had a history of wandering off as is […]

Protecting Your Autistic Child from Abuse

The best way to deal with child abuse is to prevent it in the first place. No parent wants to see their child become a victim, and when your child has special needs, the stakes can be even higher. Many perpetrators see special-needs children as easy marks, because they may not understand the boundaries between […]

What to do if you Suspect Abuse of your Autistic Child

There have been several recent stories in the media detailing abuse of children with autism and other special-needs. The perpetrators could be teachers, caregivers, or even the child’s own parents. Children with autism are at a higher risk for abuse, for several reasons. They tend to have social and behavioral difficulties, which can lead to […]

Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation Foundation is Crowned Worst Charity in America

The Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation, based in Schererville, Indiana, has been caught spending large sums of cash on for-profit solicitation companies. The foundation was founded in 2007 and is currently run by Michael Slutsky. According to the origination’s website, it strives to educate the public regarding autism and to provide families and community organizations with […]