Interview with author Kevin Berry on his new book ‘Stim’

‘Robert is different. He has Asperger’s Syndrome. He experiences the world differently to 99% of the population. Follow his entertaining and highly empathetic story as he struggles to realise and accept who he really is, try to understand other people – which he cannot – and find a girlfriend. Especially find a girlfriend – he’s […]

Kidz Kabaret Helps Young Man with Autism Shine

Johnny Hicks started his acting career at Kidz Kabaret in Naperville, Illinois, about two years ago. He started out striking sets, but his passion lies in acting. His first speaking part was in School House Rock, where he played Darth Vader. No, Darth Vader is not usually a character in School House Rock, but Kandiss […]

11 year old with asperger raising funds with Christmas song

Buckinghamshire, England – The Spirit Of Christmas in final stages for release. Today is a big day for 11 year old Fynnjan Leach-Verhoeven. On Monday he got together with his old Y6 friends (most who go to different schools this year) to practice “The Spirit Of Christmas” for the film shoot and today they go into […]

Salon partners to provide stress-free haircuts for people with autism

Farmington, New Mexico – Utopia Salon offers haircuts for people with autism or other sensory issues. The New Mexico Autism Society of San Juan County partnered with a local salon to ease the hair cutting process for autistic people. The service will be provided once a month and launches today. Utopia Salon Manager Luca Giovannini […]

Sharon Tiday on her Campaign for Disability Awareness Lessons in School

Sharon Tiday, from Plymouth, UK, is a mum on a mission. The mum of 3 to Shannon and Stacey, both 6 and Jack, 11, set up last year a Facebook group ‘Campaign for Disability Awareness Lessons in schools‘ and is campaigning for disability awareness lessons to be part of the curriculum in all mainstream schools. […]

Two ASU students researching education strategies for students with autism

Profiles in Brief – Two students using their interests to make a difference in autism education. “We can’t prepare teachers fast enough to work with students having autism in their classrooms,” said associate professor Juliet Hart Barnett of ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College ASU senior Tara Boyd, journalism major, and Shannon Cleary, a sophomore majoring […]

Support for man with Asperger’s goes viral on Facebook after store customer calls him too slow

Clay, New York – Never underestimate the power of a “big” sister on a mission. Chris Tuttle has worked at Wegmans in Clay, New York for the past 7 years. On Friday, a woman customer yelled at him for being too slow. Tuttle who has asperger’s was devastated and remained upset and stressed 10 hours […]

Special needs Mom turns inventor with vibrating pillow

Senseez can help parents, teachers, and therapists give kids with Autism or ADHD calming and soothing sensations. Stephanie is the inventor and owner of Senseez a vibrating pillow that can help kids with sensory issues pay attention, sit for longer periods, and explore new sensations throughout their body. When her son was 2, he was […]

Birmingham Donkey Sanctuary provide Donkey Assisted Therapy for Children with Additional Needs

The Donkey Sanctuary is the world’s largest donkey and mule sanctuary and has 10 farms situated in the UK and Ireland. Dr Elisabeth Svendsen MBE founded The Donkey Sanctuary in 1973. To date over 15,000 donkeys have passed through the Donkey Sanctuary’s gates in the UK and Ireland. There are 10 farms. The charity’s mission […]

Police forces join in Respite Programs to make training in autism a priority

Chesapeake, Virginia – Two police officers who make a difference for parents and their children with autism With the numbers of children on the autism spectrum growing, so too is the number that run, bolt, wander and get lost or go missing. Police forces across the US are learning about autism to be of greater […]