Durham community come out in their thousands to support Autistic teen

Hundreds of bikers congregated in Durham, Ontario on August 23, to rally their support for the family of Autistic teen Max Begley, 13 who received a disgusting letter from a neighbour whilst staying at his grandmother’s house in Newcastle, Canada. The rally was a direct affront to Durham regional police’s statement after conferring with crown […]

Paris Askate Skateboarding event invites Autistic children to try a new sport

We all know that sport and exercise is good for body, mind and soul, and having Autism or an ASD diagnosis should not stand in the way of a child, or adult having fun, branching out and doing something different. Last week we brought you the inspirational story of Anthony Ianni Michigan State Basketball player […]

Autism-Friendly Films for Autistic Moviegoers and Their Friends and Family

Autistic children and adults who may love watching movies but dread the movie theatre can now enjoy new releases in an autism-friendly theatre environment. Several cinemas in the US and UK are offering monthly showings in an auditorium suitable for an autistic audience. The autism-friendly auditorium will have dimmed lights (rather than complete dark), reduced […]

Ontario people rally together in support of hate letter teen

The people of Durham, Ontario are rallying together, quite literally, in support of the family of the Autistic teen who received a hate letter on August 16. As Autism Daily Newscast reported on August 21 that the letter received by Brenda Milson, grandmother of 13 year old Max Begley at her home in Newcastle, was […]

Lancaster Guardian Jo Worgan on her second book ‘My Life with Tom, Living With Autism’

When the midwife hands you a small squealing bundle after a few hours of what is possibly the most intense pain you have ever endured, the reaction is unspoken and almost universal. You count the tiny fingers extending towards your warmth, count the toes, and then, you look into the eyes of a being you’ve […]

Art in Mill Park Benefits Young Adults with Autism

The 3rd annual Art in Mill Park art fair took place on Saturday, August 10, 2013 in Paoli, Wisconsin. The event is sponsored by the Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin and Lovely Days Gallery and Teaching Studio of Paoli. Forty eight artists exhibited their work to the public and a silent art auction was […]

Non Verbal Autistic Kids with Cameras Discover a way to Communicate

The 2009 documentary, Kids With Cameras, films a nationally acclaimed educator, Brad Koepenick, , teaching 11-19 year old autistic children the art of movie making. The camp lasts five days and each day is packed with learning all the aspects of film making  storytelling, writing, acting, voice-over techniques, and other elements. A common problem of effectively teaching […]

UK Poet releases anthology for Autism Charity

Up-and-coming British poet Nic Aubury has dedicated his first pamphlet of poems to children’s Autism charity, Peach. Nic has a young son with Autism and fell into writing poetry by mistake. He describes himself as part grumpy father, and part armchair philosopher, who spent the first eighteen years of his life trying to get girls to […]

Teen with Autism Uses Music to Express Himself and named one of 8 Genius of Autism honorees

  Michael Korins is a senior at Calhoun High School in Merrick, New York. He looks like a typical teenage boy, but Mike is anything but typical. Mike is a talented singer with perfect pitch who auditioned for America’s Got Talent in 2012. He started performing vocal solos for NYSSMA (New York State School Music […]

iCan Bike Camp teaches Children with Autism to Successfully ride a Bike

Teenagers want to drive and younger children can’t wait to be able to ride a bike.  Those with disabilities including kids on the autism spectrum are no different. iCan Shine, a charitable organization recognizes this and for six years has offered a summer program to help those children with disabilities learn how to rid a […]