Autism Initiatives focuses on helping adults with autism

Derry, Northern Ireland — While a lot of centers are now starting to open their doors to help cater to the special needs of the growing number of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the same can not be said for the adults dealing with the same developmental condition. But one organization based in Derry, Northern Ireland, […]

I akke the effort for you

This entry is dedicated to Stella Young. Through her Tedx talk I found my way to writing this entry, which is something I’ve wanted to do but just couldn’t let go of that last bit of fear.  Thank you Stella. Rest Peacefully ♥ Editor’s Note:  I am a great admirer of Stella Young and so was […]

Âû a history and current day phenomenon – neurodiveristy and autism

The origins of Âû the Âutistic Ûnion have been relatively unknown until now. Most people in the community will have heard of Light It Up Gold and seen the Âû placed after people’s names on Facebook , but little of the origins of this organisation and how it came to be is public knowledge. I decided […]

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Hidden feature in Apple Watch discovered by deafblind woman

A deafblind woman who was born with Usher’s syndrome, discovered a usually overlooked feature in Apple’s recently released Apple Watch. Molly Watt, who has been a long-time iPhone user, said she ordered her Apple Watch in April, and discovered the smartwatch’s overlooked feature while she was trying to adjust its accessibility features. Molly found that […]

French country home designed and built for patients with autism

Burgundy, France — In a small village called Champcevrais, several miles south of Paris, sits a country home especially designed and built for patients on the autism spectrum. The residence, which incorporates innovative technology designed to calm patients with autism, includes a therapeutic building and carefully designed interior specifically intended to prevent anxiety in its […]

Mother tells of struggle for adult son with autism to gain college placement

Tadworth, Surrey, UK – Deborah Smith is mother to Tom, a nineteen-year-old man with autism and severe learning disabilities (SLD). Deborah contacted us via twitter in order to share with us and our readers the struggles that they are going through at the moment in order to transition Tom from school to college. As Deborah […]

Priory Group state more quality jobs and apprenticeships are needed for adults with autism

Priory Group – A “woeful inadequacy” of apprenticeships, internships and jobs for adults with autism is holding back their prospects and blighting society, autism experts at the Priory Group state. Allison Hope-West, autism director at the Priory Group, urged companies to come forward, saying many adults with autism could fulfil satisfying roles in the workplace […]

Loopwheels have reinvented the wheel for wheelchair users

Nottinghamshire, UK – Loopwheels are shock-absorbing wheels with integral suspension, for bicycles and wheelchairs. The springs in them are made from a carbon composite material that replace traditional spokes, and provide extra power to get up or down kerbs. Loopwheels are made by Jelly Products Ltd, a product design company that was founded in 2006 […]

National Marine Aquarium Plymouth holds “quiet event” for Autism Awareness Week

Plymouth, UK – The National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth will be holding a “quiet event” in observance of World Autism Awareness Week. The event, which will encourage  aquarium-goers to be keep noise levels down and wear their nicest  “onesie” outfits, will  be taking place on Wednesday April 1st. Organizers have announced that the evening will […]

ArtSpeak Expressive Arts Enrichment Program for Children with Autism

The Foundation For Lee County Schools, Inc., Florida, ArtSpeak, – is a visual arts program designed to serve children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). The information about the program on the website states: ‘ArtSpeak works with the students’ individual expression of creativity, reinforcing their accomplishments with positive statements throughout the art activity. The ArtSpeak program […]

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