What’s a Parent to Do?

I get it. They aren’t cute. They aren’t cuddly. They can be rude, obnoxious, loud and very irritating. Not a picture of what makes people want to donate their hard earned money. So it seems natural that organizations are designed to help autistic individuals focus on children – young children are cute and they tug […]

A is for Autism

A is for Autism I came to the party rather late in life.   Autism entered my experience via a little 10 year-old boy. (Well not so little as he was tall even then and was well over 6 feet by the age of 13.) I knew nothing about autism. I had encountered a number of challenged […]

Finding strength through the struggle

I saw this quote several months ago, and it hit me. It touched something in my soul. I immediately wrote it down in my journal, and then wrote my own words underneath. This whole mothering thing is a tough job. It’s a constant battle of knowing what to do and when to do it. When to say a […]

4 Tips to Motivate Autistic Teens and Young Adults

I hear it over and over again from other parents: “My son doesn’t even get dressed. He spends the whole day in pajamas.” “How do I get my daughter to understand she needs to clean her room?” “Why can’t I get my teen to help around the house?” “Why doesn’t he understand he needs to […]


Once a month like clockwork I receive a text from my son’s school that they have performed their monthly lockdown drill.  This text is to inform me that it is just a drill and I have no need to be concerned. Except that I am.  As this is just another reminder of how much my […]

Life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon

Here I sit in bed. It’s 12:30 a.m. Hunter starts school tomorrow. Not just any school, high school…the final 4 years before real life begins. He is still awake too. I have gone into his room off and on for the past 2 hours since he went to bed to check on him. He is […]

Remembering the Amazing

As an autistic mother to wonderful neurodiverse autistic children I keep a keen eye on articles on social media and there are many positive wonderful blogs out there, ones that celebrate and promote acceptance and pride in autistics and autistic life. Wonderful humorous and often heart rendering accounts of life with a spectrum child, the […]

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Children with autism should be given opportunities to socialise

Last week I read a really interesting article from The Conversation and reprinted here on Autism Daily Newscast, entitled: ‘Children with autism shouldn’t be forced to socialise’. The gist of the article is that children with autism should not be made to ‘socialise‘ and that by making these children integrate into social situations and then rewarding them for […]

The extraordinary burden of IEPs on moms

Imagine this, parents. Imagine you are envisioning your child’s future, and the different pieces of his/her future are trading cards. And you say, “Ok, I will give you this card for safety, and in exchange, I get to keep all the cards for food.” And imagine you had to play this game with your school: […]

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Life Hacks for the Autism Mom

The day after we received my son’s diagnosis, I didn’t blow dry my hair. I just put it back in a bun and thought, “Well,I’d better get used to this. The sound of the dryer is always going to bother him, so I might as well give up on looking presentable.” (Clearly I am not […]

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