Autism in the Middle East

Doha, Qatar – Children at the Shafallah Center for Children with Special Needs in Qatar have autism. Abdullah Itani, a trainer at the centre shares the views of the centre in that the child comes first and not the disability. The Shafallah Center, opened in 1999, many past students now work in banks, post offices […]

Press Release – Tute Genomics and Genatak Partner to Make Big Data Genomics Accessible to Clinical Labs Throughout Middle East

PROVO, Utah and JABRIYA, Kuwait, Sept. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Tute Genomics, a leader in clinical sequencing informatics and genomic interpretation technology, today announced a commercial partnership with Genatak, a leading center for genomic medicine in the Middle East. Genatak recently deployed Tute Genomics’ cloud-based platform to advance and scale the center’s genetic diagnostic service, and […]

Boy with autism memorizes entire Quran

Gaza, Palestine – A ten year old Gazan boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder has reportedly memorized the entire Holy Quran. According to Nedve Abdulal, an educator at the private rehabilitation school that Khalid Abu Musa attends, the youngster learned and memorized the holy book by hearing it read to him repeatedly. Abu Musa is on […]

Facing the challenges of autism in Iran

Isfahan, Iran — The number of individuals affected by autism is rising everywhere in the world— even in countries where not many are aware of, or know really much about the condition— including Iran. Yalda Hojjati is 35 years old. When she was a child, her parents brought her to numerous doctors to find out […]

Parents of children with autism in UAE speak out to raise autism awareness

Dubai — Parents of children with autism in the UAE spoke of the daily challenges they face in raising children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in a bid to raise awareness on the developmental condition. As the World Autism Awareness Day draws near, parents like Atiq Mubarak, father to six children— five of them on […]

Autism awareness walk expected to draw over 1000 participants

Dubai, UAE – The 7th annual A Walk for a Walk event will be taking place next month in an effort to raise awareness regarding autism within the community as well as awareness of the 7th annual autism walk in Dubai, taking place in April this year. The Emirates Walk for Autism first took place […]

After-school program helps raise autism awareness in UAE

Abu Dhabi, UAE – An after-school football program geared towards integrating children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and raising awareness regarding the disorder in the community has recently been developed. Goals UAE was founded by Khawla Barley, the parent of a child with autism who noticed that there was a lack of adequate social programs […]

Lebanese Autism Society wins CMA CGM Corporate Foundation Award

Marseille, France — CMA CGM, the third largest shipping company in the world, has awarded its Annual CMA CGM Corporate Foundation Award to the Lebanese Autism Society (LAS) for the work it has done for children with autism not just in Lebanon, but throughout the Middle East. Ceremonies occurred yesterday in the CMA CGM Offices in […]

Autism rates on the rise in Mount Lebanon and Beirut

Beirut, Lebanon – Recent studies have indicated that autism rates in Mount Lebanon and Beirut are now on the rise. Following a conference held at the American University of Beirut Medical Center where experts in the field gathered to discuss the issue, it was revealed that 1 in 67 children are now born with the […]

Perceptions: Raising autism awareness in Dhabi through artworks

Abu Dhabi, UAE — Emirati students created artworks that showcase how they perceive the experiences of children on the autism spectrum. The students, who were first requested to spend time with the children of the Abu Dhabi Autism Centre, drew inspiration from the youngsters they met at the center. The activity was part of an […]