Woman helps children with autism In Uganda

Uganda, Africa– 35-year-old Chrystal Honsaker is helping children with autism in Uganda by donating time, money,school supplies, and mattresses. She got the idea when she vacationed in Africa a few years ago and noticed how much children suffer. “I saw the need and wanted to back,” she told the Herald Standard. In Honsaker’s  recent five […]

Ghana government asked to fund autism research

Cape Coast, Ghana — Speaking at the “Cape Coast Autism Training Workshop: Awareness and Applied Behavioural Analysis” recently held at the University of Cape Coast School of Medical Science (UCCMS), Dr. Ebenezer Badoe called for the Ghanan government to fund the research on the causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) among children in the country. […]

Disabled Kept in Cages in Greece

A disturbing report from Chloe Hadjimatheou from the BBC found that Greece’s most vulnerable citizens have been subjected to dire conditions that have been made even worse due to the country’s economic difficulties. She found that federally funded centres are grossly understaffed, forcing administrators to resort to strategies many would find inhumane, including keeping individuals […]

Pope Francis to meet children with autism at the Vatican

Rome, Italy — Pope Francis will be meeting children with autism as well as their parents in a conference that will be held at the Vatican starting today. The conference, which is hosted by the Vatican’s health office, is reportedly one of the biggest conferences to be held on autism awareness, gathering around 650 autism experts […]

Lack of Qualified Professionals, Services Put Children with Autism in China at Risk

The number of children being diagnosed with autism is rising around the world, and China is no exception. According to a report released by the Autism Research Center under the Chinese Society of Education, there are over 10 million individuals with autism in China. Of these, two billion are likely to be children. The potential […]

Denmark – Increase in autism cases linked to changes in diagnostic criteria and reporting methods

Aarhus, Denmark — Researchers found that the drastic increase in autism cases in Denmark may have been due to the changes in the diagnostic criteria as well as the reporting methods used to record the number of cases. A group of researchers, mainly from Aarhus University in Denmark, analyzed data they gathered from a population-based […]

India – Government employees with children on autism spectrum exempt from transfers

New Delhi, India — The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) in India has recently issued an order that exempts government personnel with children on the autism spectrum from routine transfers mandated by the Indian government. The order was released following requests by its employees who care for children with autism to exempt them from […]

Hearing-impaired children in Romania often misdiagnosed with autism

Romania – A report by Stirile ProTV in Romania has shown that hearing-impaired children in the country are often misdiagnosed with either autism or retardation. According to the report, the country lacks the proper equipment and effective screening that would allow health workers to determine whether a child is having difficulties in hearing. Alexia, a […]

Mumbai – Forum for Autism form committee to monitor schools with special needs children

Mumbai, India — Forum for Autism (FFA) in India has formed a committee to keep an eye on schools with special needs children. According to the forum, there have been several incidents of teachers resorting to corporal punishment, as well as psychological abuse of children with special needs in the city last year. FFA plans […]

Kuwait Center for Autism achieves international prominence in short period of time

Kuwait— Abdulmohsen Al-Kharafi, the Secretary General for Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation (KAPF) which sponsors the Kuwait Center for Autism (KCA), said that remarkable achievements have been achieved by the center in just a short period of time, which paved the way for its prominence in the international scene. Speaking at a press conference for the […]