Autism Research: September 27, 2013 Week in Review

Study Shows No Link between Autism and Celiac Disease A new Swedish study published in JAMA Psychiatry on September 25, 2013 shows no evidence of a link between celiac disease and autism. The study analyzed medical records and biopsy results from over 40,000 people in Sweden who were either diagnosed with celiac disease or tested […]

Yawning not contagious for children with autism

A Japanese study published by Autism Research and Treatment and explored in Scientific American this month looks closely at science of a simple yawn, and it’s contagion. Yawning is contagious, and can be caused by tiredness, stress, and watching other people yawning a phenomenon known as social yawning. Autistic children, however are immune to this contagion. […]

Brain Study May Shed Light on Autism, Schizophrenia, and other Disorders

Scientists know that disorders such as autism, schizophrenia, epilepsy, and intellectual disability are the result of differences in the brain. New findings on how the brain is organized during early childhood could be a factor in these disorders, and offer scientists a platform for future research. A newborn baby’s brain is not very organized. There […]

Psychiatric Study into Autism causes Media to urge caution

A study conducted by the University of California’s MIND institute and published in Translational Psychiatry on September 22 has cased some outrage in the media. Autism diagnosis rates in the US are currently around one in 88 children. The study explores seven antibody proteins found in expectant mothers could be the soul cause of an […]

Google Ventures explores the life sciences with Autism blood test

We all know Google as a technology company which has pushed barriers in topical news, internet searches and developing interactive networks. But a new subsidy of the Google company, Google Ventures is exploring into the Life sciences by funding research into Autism detection blood tests. Diagnosis of Autism in younger children has increased an effectiveness […]

New study reveals Autism may be commonly misdiagnoesed

A new study published in Springer’s Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders claims that children diagnosed with Autism could be misdiagnosed. The research claims that Autism is often mistaken for a genetic condition called 22q11.2 deletion syndrome. The symptoms of delayed development and key developmental markers such as speech and facial recognition is impaired. The research conducted by […]

Autism Research: September 21, 2013 week in review

 Hyperbaric oxygen therapy centre for autism given red signal by FDA In a report released on 22.8.2013, the Food and Drug Administraion of USA has given the thumbs down to a hyperbaric oxygen therapy centre for treating people diagnosed with autism. In a bid to increase awareness of futility of numerous alternative therapies in the […]

Autism Research: September 5, 2013 week in review

  Virtual reality games to assist academic success for children with autism Studying children with high-functioning autism, researchers lead by Peter Mundy at the UC Davis School of Education are utilizing a virtual game to understand how they overcome social deficits that prevent academic success in others.  The study has 200 participants between 8 and […]

Autism Research: September 14, 2013 week in review

Intellectual disability in autism not inherited but may pile-up newer mutated genes A new, yet unpublished research, presented at the Broad Institute Symposium on the Emerging Genetics and Neurobiology of Severe Mental Illness in Cambridge, has found that rare de novo (spontaneous) mutations tend to pile up in children with autism compared to controls. The […]