Autism Research: May 15, 2015 Week in Review

Autism behavior differs in girls and boys Researchers from University of California, the Davis Health System have identified significant differences in the basic biology of brains of children with autism. Autism spectrum disorders primarily affect male children with a frequency of 8:1. Thus, it’s poorly understood as to why girls are protected. The researchers found […]

Research finds common traits within families between child prodigies and individuals with autism

A new research study by the Ohio State University has found that child prodigies and individuals with autism, in the same family, share genetic traits. Although the study group was only small, it was found that similar characters such as good memory and attention to detail, were evident. DNA from 12 child prodigies were looked […]

New study finds adults with autism are isolated

St. Louis, MO – A new study has found that adults on the autism spectrum have less friends, are invited out less, with some completely isolated. The study used information from the National Longitudinal Transition Study 2 that examined rates of social interaction among adults with autism, and compared them to socialization rates of other […]

Autism Research: May 8, 2015 Week in Review

Super strong brain signals give clue to sensory overload worries in autism A new study published this week in the reputed journal Brain talks about what might be a strong reason why people on the spectrum face sensory overload problems when going to new environments, etc. a team of researchers led by Harvard Medical School […]

Autism Research: May 1, 2015 Week in Review

Diagnosis age differs for girls and boys in autism A new study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics this week has found out that the age at which the diagnosis of autism is made differs for the fairer sex. The study headed by Paul Lipkin of the Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore found that girls […]

Research on brain cells finds what may cause sensory issues in individuals with autsm

A recent study that has focused on the way signals are sent to brain cells, have found that the way this information is delivered is abnormally strong in individuals with autism. It was found that in these individuals the  long-range ‘feed-forward’ connections, that carry signals from peripheral nerves to the brain, sent abnormally strong signals, […]

New study finds parenting girls with autism more stressful

Los Angelas, CA – A new study shows raising a girl on the spectrum is more stressful for the parents. The study was conducted by Irina Zamora, Eliza K. Harley, Shulamite A. Green, Kathryn Smith, Michele D. Kipke and was published in the open access journal Autism Research and Treatment. News outlet recently reported […]

Study reveals individuals with autism who display similar clinical features do not necessarily share the same genetic variation

Paris — A group of researchers from the Centre Hospitalier Sainte Anne in Paris, France conducted a study to examine common genetic traits possibly shared by individuals with autism who display similar clinical features. The scientists who conducted the study that was recently published in the journal Biological Psychiatry made use of the data available […]

Autism Research: April 25, 2015 Week in Review

More evidence says MMR vaccine-not guilty! In the ongoing debate between risk of autism due to the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella vaccine), yet another research has backed up vaccines. A new study published in the Journal of American Medical Association that included about 95,000 kids who received the MMR vaccine, no increased risk for ASD […]

Study shows why autism may run in the family

Baltimore, Maryland — A study conducted by researchers from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine unveils what could be the reason behind why autism appears to be passed on in the family. According to the study, epigenetic changes, rather than actual DNA mutations, may be responsible for causing autism in children. One of the […]