Tributes flood in for Irish autism activist found dead in her home

Ballinagearagh, Ireland – Tributes are flooding in for a relentless autism campaigner who was found dead in her home after being attacked. Susan Dunne, 56, who shared her home with 19 year old autistic son Patrick, lived in the rural heart of North Kerry, Ireland, where neighbours are shocked with the turn of events. Her […]

Directory launched for people living around autism in Hertfordshire, UK

Herts, UK –  A new directory with the aim of providing a better service to people living with around autism has been launched in Hertfordshire, UK. The directory has been produced with the aim of helping the 18,000 or so people on the spectrum and their families, friends and employers, providing reference, information and contact […]

Researchers say breastfed babies in risk of autism more likely to be sociable

Dresden, Germany — A research claims that babies who were found to have gene mutations linked to autism are likely to become sociable despite the fact that the developmental disorder is inclined to cause children to be socially challenged. The study, which was recently published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, […]

Autism and medication. A Spoonful of Sugar?

Now to the controversial area of medication. While it is certainly worth trying a sensory and dietary approach first it would be foolish to ignore the fact that the correct medication – given in the right amount – can help at times. A sweeping statement? No. Firstly it is based on my own experience of […]

Young boy with autism starts fundraiser to get himself a service dog

Bristol, England — A 12-year-old boy who was diagnosed with Pathological Demand Avoidance or PDA has been trying to raise funds in hopes of getting himself an autism service dog. Elliott Pugh has been struggling with his condition, which causes behavioral problems that hinder him from interacting with the outside world. His condition sometimes makes […]

Teen with Asperger’s creates amazing photorealistic drawings

South Wales, England — A 14-year-old with Asperger’s has found a way to channel his extraordinary creativity through photorealistic drawings. Chris Baker’s extraordinary creations are so realistic that one would not even notice at first glance that they are not real photos, but rather drawings— handcrafted in details drawn so perfectly. Chris barely spoke to […]

Former autistic student sues Pennsylvania school for keeping him off varsity hockey team

Gibsonia Pennysylvania – A former student with an autism diagnosis is suing his school for keeping him from playing varsity level hockey because of his diagnosis. The 18 year old student known only as J.G in the federal law suit filed against Pine-Richland school district, claims that he played hockey for several years with no major […]

Leeds Metropolitan University Secure Grant to Help Autistic Students Access Education

Leeds, UK -Dr Mark Fabri from Leeds Metropolitan University will lead researchers from the UK, Finland, Spain, the Netherlands and Poland for a three year project. They will collaborate on a project which has received funding from the EU Lifelong Learning Programme to find out needs of students with high functioning autism starting their university […]

Montana mothers speak up for elimination diets to ease autism symptoms

Great Falls, MT – Two Montana mothers have spoken up for the use of elimination diets to ease the symptoms of autism. Kim Rice and Kim Martin both spoke to KBZK news, they both have children with autism. They adjusted the diets of both their children by gutting out knon allergens such as Gluten found […]

UK eleven year old Aspergers boy competes for Christmas number one

Buckinghamshire, UK – A schoolboy with Aspergers who’s mother hadn’t heard him sing until last year is vying for the UK chart’s top spot with a song he composed himself. He sung for the first time at last year’s school Christmas concert and blew his audience away. Fynnjan Leach-Verhoeven penned the song from tunes that […]