Number of children with on with ASD up in British Columbia

Vancouver, Canada — The number of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the Canadian British Columbia has multiplied over the years, despite the fact the number of gifted children in the province has decreased considerably. According to figures published by the Vancouver Sun, the number of children with autism in B.C. is now at […]

Autism and medication. A Spoonful of Sugar?

Now to the controversial area of medication. While it is certainly worth trying a sensory and dietary approach first it would be foolish to ignore the fact that the correct medication – given in the right amount – can help at times. A sweeping statement? No. Firstly it is based on my own experience of […]

The Autism Project — East Bay Support Center to open in Rhode Island

Warren, R.I. — A support center for individuals with autism will be opened in East Bay in Rhode Island Monday. The center, called The Autism Project — East Bay Support Center, was created through a joint collaboration of The Autism Project and The Bristol Rotary Charities Foundation. The East Bay Support Center will be open […]

Mom teams up with bikers to raise funds for autism – w/video

Lee County, Ala. — A mother of a child with autism has been taking strides trying to raising funds in hopes of helping find a cure for autism. When Luanne Helms first found out that her son, Jake, has autism, she scoured the internet to find out everything about the developmental disorder, hoping to find […]

Advocates and Virginia lawmakers to discuss challenges adults with autism are facing today

Charlottesville, Va. — Autism advocates and lawmakers in Virginia are set to meet Sept. 28 to sit down and discuss the challenges that adults with autism spectrum disorder are facing. The advocates and lawmakers will be meeting in an activity-filled event, which will feature workshops, presentations, and informal networking sessions. Among the presenters in the […]

Junk Science Week: Robert De Niro gets Vaxxed

A documentary on the mother of all medical controversies Academy-award winner Robert De Niro and media legend Harvey Weinstein, head of Miramax, are teaming up to produce a documentary on the mother of all medical controversies: vaccines and their potential link to autism. This movie, in a way, would be a sequel to a current […]

Children with autism in minorities face more hurdles than their peers

Rochester, N.Y. — Families caring for children with autism in minorities face more hurdles than other families who are going through the same challenges. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that children of minorities often get a diagnosis much later than their Caucasian peers. According to the center, children of color are […]

Nevada autism groups question ‘inadequate’ salaries for workers of new autism program

CARSON CITY, Nev. — Members of four autism groups representing parents caring for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in Nevada have expressed concern over what they believe is ‘inadequate’ salaries of workers for Nevada’s new autism program. The parents fear that the new initiative, which is set to begin Jan. 1 next year, might […]

Autism experts gather for the the Michigan Autism Conference

Kalamazoo, Mich. — Autism experts from all over the U.S. gathered at the Michigan Autism Conference in Kalamazoo to help inform and train families, teachers, and therapists on the latest advancements in autism treatment. Experts who were present at the conference, which was held Oct. 7-9 at Kalamazoo’s Radisson Plaza Hotel, also highlighted the importance […]

Easton Children’s Museum holds family autism events

North Easton, Mass. — The Children’s Museum in Easton, Massachusetts will be holding family autism events for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The first of the four events to be held at the museum happened Friday last week. The events will take place half an hour after the museum officially closes to the public […]