San Francisco dad captures sons autism in photos

San Francisco CAL – Photographer Timothy Archibald has catalogued his son Elijah’s first five years in a series of photographs on his website. The project called Echolalia, named after autistic children’s behavioural trait of repeating words and phrases,  was inspired by 12 year old Elijah’s journey with autism.  They have been said to capture autism […]

Florida man pedalling for Autism

Sunny Isles Beach, Fl – Founder of not for profit group Jorge Zighelboim has embarked on an epic 500 miles bike ride in a crusade to change Florida state’s Autism Insurance mandate. Zighelboim’s daughter Gabriella now seven, was diagnosed with autism in 2008, families living in the state are entitled to up to $36,000 in reimbursements per […]

Kansas school test robots with autistic children

Witchita, Kan – An autism specific school in Witchita, Kansas is testing out social robots with their pupils to develop their social and human interaction skills. The experimental program at Heartspring features $16,000 robots that are programmed to sing, converse, dance, recognise faces, features, and even calm themselves after they fall. One robot was programmed […]

Autistic Teenagers in Warrington Failed by the Local Council

Fifteen autistic teenagers from Warrington, UK, have been “failed” by being denied essential services by their local government. Watchdogs from the local government ombudsman (LGO) and the Parliamentary Helath Services ombudsman were called in 20011, acting on a letter from a worried parent which was submitted after his son was refused speech and language therapy. […]

Missing man with Aspergers may not want to be found

Dallas, Texas – Luis Araud now missing for almost 5 days. Police from the neighboring of Irving actual spoke with missing 28 year old  Luis Araud without realizing he was had been reported missing. After a few minutes of talking with the man who did not respond, he ran off into a field. This was on […]

New Pennsylvania program addresses adult care for autism

News in Brief – Pennsylvania Professor Edward Brodkin from the Pennsylvania Behavioural health adult autism program is to address the issue and impact of care for autism adults as they age. There is an issue world wide with how current infrastructures deal with an ageing generation who have a diagnosis of autism and require community services […]

Appeal for UK parents participation in Anna Kennedy survey

Autism campaigner and advocate Anna Kennedy is appealing for feedback and participation from parents to a survey that she plans to present to the Houses of commons. The survey aims to get at least 1,000 participants before the end of November and touches on key issues like diagnosis, inclusion and bullying. It takes around five […]

Canada bound for Danish firm helping autistic people to find tech jobs

Thorkil Sonne started up his company Specialisterne to aid people, like his son Lars, to get a head in the world of technology. The company has since expanded into 11 other countries, the newest of which will venture to Canada. The base for the company will be in Toronto, with staff being sought for Vancouver and […]

Northampton, UK, hospital plans £45 Million specialist Autism unit

A £45 Million specialist unit for children with autism and special educational needs is planned to be built in Northampton, UK. Construction is meant to start as soon as possible at St Andrew’s Hospital, the largest medium security hospital of it’s kind in Europe. the unit plans to unite existing services from the County under […]

Chess club for autistic and gifted children comes fourth in Tasmanian state wide competition

Tasmania, Australia – A chess club which started last year for autistic and gifted children becomes one of the largest chess club for kids in Australia. Each year 200 of Tasmania’s best junior chess players compete against each other and test their skills. The state wide tournament is usually attended by schools but this year […]