Autism and the power of music


Many on the autism spectrum find music and painting a way to be able to express and communicate. But not everyone on the autistic spectrum are budding artists.  There are lots of ASD people out there who just want to enjoy listening to music.  This is true even though they may experience auditory processing disorder and find loud sounds difficult to process.

“Where words fail, music speaks.”― Hans Christian Andersen

Music whether it is under the umbrella of therapy or pleasure helps stimulate various parts of the brain and is an enriching experience.  If you want to encourage someone with ASD to explore music then having the right headphone is critical.  Those that do like to listen to music may find headphones hard to wear. Bud ear plugs can be particularly irritating. Headphones can lower the overall decibel rate of “outside” noise, if they completely fit over the ears providing a comfortable fit and” blocks out” the outside world.

Autism Daily Newscast began our series discussing the benefits of music therapy*.  We continue by looking at 10 highly rated headphones that are affordable and compares them for use with those who are autistic.

“Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.”
― Johnny Depp

Fitting in is also an important criteria. Even among autistic teens, peer pressure or social standards can be significant. We know of one teenager who insisted on have a Dr. Dree Headset at a cost of 300 Euros. (Note: Our coverage does not include this product.) Despite long discussions with his parents, he saved and used his own money to purchase a pair.  While there may or may not have been a better choice, he remains happy and convinced that his Dr. Dree’s provide the absolute best sound.

In the end, it may not be about quality or money but style. However, if you do have a say in what is purchased, these reviews may be of assistance.


* The American Music Therapy Association also has a directory of certified therapists in the United States.

Originally posted 2013-09-26 04:30:00.

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