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About Roberta Hill

Roberta Hill is an Expat who likes to write about her challenges running a virtual business and raising a family abroad. She has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from University of Western Ontario and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education from McGill University.

Roberta has been self employed for the past 25 years. Her oldest step son is on the autism spectrum.

Pioneering centre serving the adult autistic community in Cambridge opens

The doors of a new pioneering centre,  named after the late wife of  Nirma Sethia, located in Cambridge, UK  opened it doors.  At a cost of £1.5m ,the Chitra Sethia Autism Centre has been made possible thanks to the Autism Research Trust (ART) and the National Autistic Society (NAS) who received a grant from the N Sethia Foundation to […]

New Technology Analyzes Babies’ Cries – Could Detect Autism

An innovative team of researchers from Brown University and the Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island has invented a computer-based tool to analyze the cries of babies. This team from the United States hopes their creation will provide a new way to identify heath problems in infants, such as neurological problems, developmental disorders, and […]

Diuretic Drug Treatment for Autism: Bumetanide May Overpromise

 “Bumetanide”- a drug that was used for treating high blood pressure  can help an autistic child to show overall improvement in behaviors. The findings of the research are published in the December 2012 issue of Translational Psychiatry. The parents whose children underwent the treatment claimed that they have seen positive changes in the behavior of their […]

Autism Daily Newscast is giving away Amazon Gift Cards – Win one by completing our visitor survey

The earlier you complete the survey the more chances you have to win. Autism Daily Newscast is interested in learning more about our visitor reading habits and to encourage our visitors to take the survey we are giving away Amazon Gift Cards. From From June 8 to June 25th everyone who completes the three minute survey […]

Carly Fleischmann’s heart wrenching call for help

A desperate and garbled plea for help appeared on the autism advocate and Social Media spokesperson Carly Fleishmann’s Facebook page on Wednesday February 25. The message appeared allegedly written by Carly and translated by a person unknown calling for help from two of her doctors. In a previous interview with Autism Daily Newscast, her father […]

Video feedback may reduce Autism in very young children

Researchers at the Universityof Manchester in England have discovered that “video feedback”, in which parents observe their own interactions with their baby might help to potentially prevent the infants from developing the disorder, a new study has suggested.  According to the study, video based therapy-involving families who have babies at high risk levels of ASD […]

Autism Research: June 14, 2014 Week in Review

(Updated June 16, 2014) Cost of autism was more than that of cancer, strokes and heart disease Lifetime costs for supporting a person with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and learning disability (intellectual disability) can top £1.5 million in the United Kingdom (UK) or $2.4 million in the United States (US) according to new research […]

Autism Linked to ‘Male Hormones’

New research – claims that exposure to high levels of “male” hormones in the womb can increase the chance of a baby boy developing autism. The study adds to earlier research indicating that autism is linked to prenatal developments. Researchers at the University of Cambridge and  Statens Serum Institute in Copenhagen used Danish medical records in samples of 19,500 amniotic-fluid identified of […]

Autism Research: May 2, 2014 week in review

New study confirms children with autism four times more likely to suffer from digestive troubles As reported earlier this week by Autism Daily Newscast, a new study confirms children with autism more likely to suffer tummy troubles. The results are reported in the April 28, 2014, online early edition of the journal Pediatrics. Co-author William Sharp, PhD, director […]

Sesame Autisme organizes a Flashmob in Paris for Autism Awareness Month

Paris France – A Flashmob is organized for April 2 at the Place de la Republique in Paris at 6 pm. On the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day, volunteers of the Association Sesame Autisme and students IDRAC PARIS have decided to organize a Flashmob and are encouraging people with autism to show their support. […]