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Dr. Rachita Narsaria is an physician with a passion for prose. Armed with an MD in Internal Medicine, she juggles between clinics and writing. When medicine gets overwhelming, poetry is her escape. Her maiden venture, Spellbound Inc., is a culmination of years of experience in creative writing.

Autism Research: November 22, 2013 Week in Review

84% autism research potentially duplicative The U.S Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that a shocking 84% of all autism research funded by federal U.S. agencies between fiscal years 2008 and 2012 was potentially duplicative. Funding research projects with the same topic is sometimes useful when it is done to corroborate results but mostly it leads […]

Autism Research: November 8, 2013 Week in review

Gastrointestinal upsets more likely with autism A new research funded and published by the prestigious UC Davis MIND Institute has stated that children having autism are 6 to 8 times more prone to developing tummy upsets like diarrhea, food sensitivity and constipation compared to typically developing peers. Chief researcher Virginia Chaidez said that the GI […]

Autism Research: November 1, 2013 Week in review

Autism risk greater in the audio-visually challenged. A large study published in the Disability and Health Journal found that 6% children having hearing problems and 7% having visual handicaps had a chance of being diagnosed with autism compared to only 1% of the typical population. The study involved 2, 30, 000 children from Atlanta of […]

Autism Research: October 25, 2103 Week in review

Autism kids high on psychiatric medication As reported in Autism Daily Newscast on Oct 21st, a study has found that kids with autism are prescribed psychotropic medication in more than half the cases. At least one third children have taken a psychotropic drug more than once in their lives. The study lead by Donna Spencer […]

Autism research: Weekly in review

In autism, focus is on the right eye, just below the eye. A new research published in the Journal of Vision has found that children with autism tend to focus on a person’s right eye more than the left while looking at the face. Also, the kids tend to avoid the pupils, the black spot […]

Autism Research: October 11, 2013 Week in review

N-Acetyl Cysteine offers new hope for autism As more and more research reveals the role of oxidative stress and inflammation in various psychiatric disorders like autism and schizophrenia, therapeutic research is focusing on finding out drugs that can help reduce the inflammation and neuronal disintegration. One such substance is N-Acetyl Cysteine, touted as a potential […]

Autism Research: September 21, 2013 week in review

 Hyperbaric oxygen therapy centre for autism given red signal by FDA In a report released on 22.8.2013, the Food and Drug Administraion of USA has given the thumbs down to a hyperbaric oxygen therapy centre for treating people diagnosed with autism. In a bid to increase awareness of futility of numerous alternative therapies in the […]

Autism Research: September 5, 2013 week in review

  Virtual reality games to assist academic success for children with autism Studying children with high-functioning autism, researchers lead by Peter Mundy at the UC Davis School of Education are utilizing a virtual game to understand how they overcome social deficits that prevent academic success in others.  The study has 200 participants between 8 and […]

Autism Research: September 14, 2013 week in review

Intellectual disability in autism not inherited but may pile-up newer mutated genes A new, yet unpublished research, presented at the Broad Institute Symposium on the Emerging Genetics and Neurobiology of Severe Mental Illness in Cambridge, has found that rare de novo (spontaneous) mutations tend to pile up in children with autism compared to controls. The […]