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Jim Carrey
 at UCLA's 2009 Visionary Ball. Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA. 10-01-09

Jim Carrey offends with images of distressed children on anti vax tweets

This week the news and social media networks have been busy discussing and condemning Jim Carrey on his outspoken views regarding vaccination and autism. Mr Carrey tweeted: “California Gov says yes to poisoning more children with mercury and aluminum in manditory [sic] vaccines. This corporate fascist must be stopped,” He then further tweeted: “They say mercury […]

Vaccination Keystroke

In California, children will no longer be allowed to enter schools without vaccination

Sacramento, Calif. — California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law Senate Bill 277, which requires children to undergo vaccination before they are allowed to enter any public or private school in the state, regardless of their families’ personal beliefs. The move by Gov. Brown follows months of controversy surrounding the measles outbreak that plagued […]


Update – Seller of MMS that claims to ‘purge’ autism exposed

We are keeping up to date with the latest news surrounding Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). On June 23 we reported  that trading standards are now closely monitoring MMS sales within the UK. The product which is being sold as an enema; contains household bleach and is claimed to ‘cure’ autism, by its sellers, Genesis 11 […]

Exploring Autism

The problems is6

Autism and digestive problems – Food for thought

Over the past few weeks we have explored some of many sensory and other symptoms commonly found in people on the autism spectrum but now let’s turn our attention to the physical problems that also affect many of them, regardless of age. Ongoing (and sometimes disputed) research indicates that many children with ASD suffer from […]

Insights into Autism with Paddy-Joe Moran


Autism and Relationships – Part 4 – Misconceptions about dating someone with autism

Note: there is an assumption when writing these articles that the individuals dating, or in a relationship are of equal capacity, and no one is being taken advantage of or being exploited. There are many misconceptions about autism and autistic people. Very few of these are at all positive. Even though people who have a […]

Animals and Autism

Service dogs

Animals and Autism – What’s behind it Part 5

We’ve looked at ways animals can directly benefit people with autism in terms of increased socialisation and communication. In this post we’ll consider how animals may be able to bring benefits to the wider family. A 2009 study (Mancil et al) of stress in parents of children with disabilities, found that parents of children with […]

Parent’s Corner


To the parents of newly diagnosed children on the spectrum

UK – I was extremely lucky when my son was first diagnosed with autism, and to be honest, I was extremely lucky for the year and a half before be was diagnosed. The reason being that I was well supported by professionals and parents who understood what was going on in my life; they understood […]

A Closer Look

being crushed

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Challenging Behaviour

I remember sitting in a principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) class while pursuing my Master’s and hearing my professor speak about a 27 year old woman who was living very independently in a group home for adults with developmental disabilities.  He described a very capable young woman, that despite all of her skills and […]

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