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The damage of Chlorine Dioxide also peddled as Miracle Mineral Solution

For those of you that do not know there’s a very real threat to our autistic children in the world today. Naive parents and carers are being told that parasitic worms are the cause of autism in their children. They are being told that if they remove these worms with CD (Chlorine Dioxide) treatments the […]

Blogging mother, Temporary Tourist, shares her experiences of Disney’s Guest Assistance rule change

We’ve had mixed responses on Disney’s decision to change the Guest Assistance Card system. We reported Autism Hippie’s experiences on October 11. Disney implemented a change in their guest assistance cards for children and adults with special needs on October 9 after reports that people were flagrantly abusing the old system. Cards called Disability Access […]

Andrew Wakefield’s MMR and vaccination claim resurfaces

There seems to be some new research published weekly that refutes to make a claim that discredited Doctor Andrew Wakefield’s claims to a link between the MMR vaccination and Autism development. Autism Daily Newscast would like to point out that NO medical evidence has yet been determined for the causes or development of Autism or […]

Insights into Autism with Paddy-Joe Moran

Why do autistic people need to write about autism?

The answer to this is an easy one – if you want to know about autism what better way to find out than to talk to someone who is autistic? You can read all the books by non-autistics you like, but all you will find is people trying to get in to the autistic mind.  […]

Parent’s Corner

Junior Year ‘To Do’ List Ideas

It’s so unfair. I didn’t even sign up for anything. Suddenly our phone is ringing off the hook and our mail is filled with advertisements. What happened? Our daughter entered her junior year in high school. Now every company out there who has a program to help students do better on ACT and SAT tests […]

Exploring Autism

Autism and Elimination Diets – Join the Food Detectives

Diets.   Do you flinch when you hear that word?   There’s no need to – it’s time consuming but certainly not impossible. Gluten and casein free (GF/CF) diets are often mentioned in relation to autism and yet some professionals are still skeptical about them.  But despite that people from all walks of life suffer from those intolerances too – […]

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