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Jared as the Petco dog at work, Denise told us that he was way out of his comfort zone in the outfit but that he did it for the job he loved.

EXCLUSIVE- mother speaks out about teen with Asperger’s who was arrested at Petco and spent night in jail

Jupiter, Florida- Back in February we were very concerned to read the story concerning Jared Segal, an 18-year-old with Asperger’s syndrome who was arrested at the pet store, Petco, where he was working. Police reports state that the reason for this was because of Jared giving customers “unauthorized discounts.” He was charged with grand theft. […]

The New York Collaborates for Autism

The New York Collaborates for Autism clarify the Twizzler Challenge

Twizzler Challenge – on March 23 we posted a report about the Twizzler Challenge, Twizzlers – The Ice Bucket Challenge for Autism? The viewpoints of many were shared, who had posted their opinions on various social media sites. We questioned is this campaign could truly promote autism awareness, or whether it was just another social media […]


Loopwheels have reinvented the wheel for wheelchair users

Nottinghamshire, UK – Loopwheels are shock-absorbing wheels with integral suspension, for bicycles and wheelchairs. The springs in them are made from a carbon composite material that replace traditional spokes, and provide extra power to get up or down kerbs. Loopwheels are made by Jelly Products Ltd, a product design company that was founded in 2006 […]

Exploring Autism

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Autism and other Auditory Differences – Do You Hear What I Hear?

 Is your child terrified by loud noises? Does he speak in a rather unusual way – perhaps very quietly or too loudly or in a monotone? Or is his speech and language delayed? Apart from hyperacusis there are several other auditory problems that can give rise to such things as we learn from the late […]

Career Advice with Magnus Hedemark

Career Success

Patterns for Success: #HighFunctioningMeans Career Challenges

For those of you who are active on Twitter, you may have witnessed an uprising of tweets from actually autistic people over the last week with three very poignant hashtags: #LowFunctioningMeans #HighFunctioningMeans #FunctioningLabelsMean The gist of this movement was to express the damage that functioning labels have done to many autistic people in setting certain […]

Insights into Autism with Paddy-Joe Moran


The Positive Traits of Autism – Part 11 – Eye for Detail

One of the things autistic people say is a positive of autism, is an eye for detail.  Naturally, autistic people seem to notice, and experience more of what goes on around them than many other people do.  One example people often use to illustrate this is the way that people with autism can walk in […]

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