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Katie Price third marriage

Katie Price defends her rights to access tax payer funded taxi for disabled son

Katie Price – Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother has been a hot topic of conversation recently and the latest story is the argument between Katie Hopkins, the outspoken television personality and Katie Price, model, business woman and mother to 12-year-old Harvey, who has autism, is blind and has the medical condition septo-optic dysplasia. The row […]

Career Advice with Magnus Hedemark

eye contact

Patterns For Success – Eye Contact

One of the greater challenges of being an autistic professional in a neurotypical world is the expectation of making eye contact during conversations. For a neurotypical person, eye contact is a positive and reassuring behavior. But for the autist, it can be extremely uncomfortable, or even overwhelming. Some can manage to make eye contact, but it […]

Insights into Autism with Paddy-Joe Moran


Autism and the Transference of Skills

Some people believe that autism is a negative when it comes to working.  Others think that some of the skills that come with having autism can be very positive for various parts of life, and work.  Some benefits, and services are also provided on the basis of a person`s skill- levels. But is the concept […]


The Positive Traits of Autism – Part 5 – Honesty

Unfortunately very few people in the world are truly honest.  This is not meant to sound cynical, but the majority of people will lie or deceive at some point in their life.  Even though a lot of people claim to value honesty as a character trait, most people would add that it is not always […]

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at the "Justin Bieber's Believe" Premiere, Regal Cinemas, Los Angeles, CA 12-18-13

Holly Robinson Peete: We want autism to be on the lips of everyone in town

I don’t care what you think of Autism Speaks Holly Robinson Peete is a class act. She is consistent in her stance, gracious in her comments and a very public advocate for autism.  She has be an outspoken person for autism issues for almost 15 years since her son, RH, was diagnosed. Robinson Peete is […]

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Research Recap with Dr. Pradip Narsaria

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Special Font Helps People with Dyslexia Read

A Dutch man has developed a special font specifically designed to help individuals with dyslexia read. Christian Boer, 33, is a graphic designer who suffers from dyslexia. He developed the font, called … [Continue Reading]

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Study Links Depakote Use During Pregnancy to Autism

A Danish study found that mothers who took the anti-seizure medication Depakote during pregnancy were five times as likely to give birth to a child diagnosed with autism as mothers who did not take the drug. … [Continue Reading]


New brain studies offer hope with social language

The human brain has been receiving a lot of interest lately in studies designed to help autistic children. This interest may lead to early identification as well as an app that helps autistic children with … [Continue Reading]

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