BANGLADESH – Saima Wazed Hossain has won an award from the World Health Organization (WHO) for her continued work and contributions to the fight against autism and neuro-development disorders. She will be honored with this first time, World Health Organization award, at this years four day South East Asia regional health conference. Saima Wazed Hossain, daughter… [Continue Reading]

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Benedict Cumberbatch –  Autism Daily Newscast have reported on several occasions about the stories that surround the character of Sherlock Holmes, such stories as as Was Sherlock Holmes Autistic? and The National Autistic Society Claim That Sherlock Holmes Could Be Autistic. However Metro report that Cumberbatch now wants to cut out that nonsense. He says… [Continue Reading]

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The idea of people with autism having a special interest or passion about one particular subject is a very common one.  Sometimes these can be things as everyday as having a passion for Star wars, other times they can be more obscure, such as spoons.  Some believe these are a positive way of people expressing… [Continue Reading]


Lutz, Florida – Hillsborough county school district is in hot water after they left 9-year-old with autism and sleep apnea Tamya Joseph on the bus. The bus was on it’s way to Maniscalco Elementary School when Tamya fell asleep in the back. When the driver arrived at school all the children got off the bus,… [Continue Reading]

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The Hot Tracks Music Show – is hosted by Nick Van Zanten and JB West , known as Nick and JB, who both have autism.  The show is broadcast weekly on WCET-TV, a local access channel in their hometown of  Hudsonville, Michigan. The show has now been running for 13 years. Andrew Bedinger and James… [Continue Reading]

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Saima Wazed Hossain wins award from World Health Organization for fight against Autism

BANGLADESH - Saima Wazed Hossain has won an award from the World Health Organization (WHO) for her continued work and contributions to the fight against autism … [Continue Reading]

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Autism Research: Sept 12, 2014 Week in Review

Interventions at infancy might eliminate autism symptoms  At the forefront of autism research, the researchers from the UC Davis MIND Institute have come up with yet another pioneering work towards autism … [Continue Reading]

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Research Suggests Pre-natal Brain Injury May Increase Autism Risk

A research review published in the journal Neuron suggests that autism may begin with pre-natal brain injury to the cerebellum. Dr. Samuel Wang, associate professor of molecular biology at Princeton University, … [Continue Reading]


New Pilot Study finds that behavioural therapy may help reduce autism symptoms as young as 6 months

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders - released online Tuesday findings from their pilot study into how parents can help significantly reduce symptoms of autism in babies as young as under the age of 1 … [Continue Reading]

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